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Younis Kamil

Younis Kamil

Doctoral Researcher, PhD students


Younis Kamil graduated from the German Sport University Cologne in 2010. He graduated with a major in sports management as well as training and performance in football and swimming. Since graduating, he has worked in sports-based youth services and developed methodological approaches to teach young people social and emotional skills. For this, he mostly used football to stimulate group dynamic but also individual learning processes.

Younis came in contact with the SASO research group via prof. Marc Theeboom and prof. Fred Coalter through the MONITOR project which is funded by Erasmus+ Sport. This contact ultimately led to Younis starting his PhD in February 2021 on the Belgian Red Courts Programme of the Belgian Football Association. In cooperation with the Hannah Arendt Institute and the Belgian Football Association, Younis will accompany the RBFA's Belgian Red Courts programme to prevent radicalisation of young people at risk. He will address the question of what social and personal skills young people need in order to be effectively protected from violent radicalisation. He will also analyse the Belgian Red Courts programme in terms of its underlying mechanisms and programme theories, and evaluate the impact of the project.