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Project summary

SPLISS is an international network of research cooperation that coordinates, develops and shares expertise in innovative high-performance sport policy research in cooperation with policy makers, National Olympic Committees (NOCs), international (sport) organizations, and researchers worldwide. Switzerland is a profound partner of SPLISS and now conducts a second SPLISS assessment. This SPLISS assessment evaluates the Swiss elite sport system and climate 8th years after the baseline measurement.   

SPLISS assessments are characterized by four elements: 

  1. SPLISS model and its critical success factors 

  2. Involvement of elite athletes, coaches and performance directors 

  3. SPLISS scoring system 

  4. Collaboration with a local partner/researcher 

BASPO (the Swiss national sport federation) is conducting the research using the SPLISS instruments in cooperation with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. This project will assess Swiss sport in nine pillars based on the critical success factors that may lead to success. The key questions in this project are: What is the state of the art of elite sport policy and is Swiss elite sport policy effective and efficient? How can Switzerland improve their chances of winning medals in international sport? The aim is to help Switzerland in developing a competitive advantage in elite sport. 


Partners :

Utrecht University

Sheffield Hallam University 

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