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Athletes 4 Society

Athletes 4 Society

Athletes 4 Society: Empowering the Public Value of Sport through Athletes as Role Models

Project summary

Effectively empowering the public value of sport through athletes as role models requires an international, multi-agency approach. This project joins a unique group of European stakeholders – universities and both private stakeholders and public sport organisations. This unique combination will enable us to propose a unified approach in guiding sport organisation across Europe in scaling up their athlete role model initiatives linked to sport public value. The EU Commission focuses heavily on the principles of fair play. A preliminary investigation of a number of athlete role model programmes and policies revealed that some programmes are also targeting fair play, discrimination, combatting violence or address other relevant threats to the integrity of sport. As such, by taking a bottom-up approach, the ATHLETES 4 SOCIETY project contributes to the EU commission sport policy objectives. The objective of the ATHLETES 4 SOCIETY project is to inspire, support and stimulate sports organisations to increase the public value of sport. Specifically, by empowering sport organisations to develop policies, campaigns or programmes that successfully put athletes to good use towards positive societal impact. Hence, the running title of the project: “Empowering the Public Value of Sport through Athletes as Role Models”.


Partners : 

VUB (research group Sport and Society) (coordinator) 

Utrecht University (the Netherlands)

Institute for Sport Governance (Poland)

Sport Evolution Alliance (Portugal)

Kenniscentrum Sport & Bewegen (the Netherlands)

Czech Olympic Committee / Czech Coaches Academy (Czechia)

KIHU – Research Institute for Olympic Sports (Finland)

Kinetic Analysis (the Netherlands)

Bilendi SA (France)

Period :

01/01/2021 – 30/06/2023

Funded by :

European Commission: Erasmus+ Sport Collaborative Partnership 

Research team :

Veerle De Bosscher & Jens De Rycke